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Renishaw to Exhibit at Pittcon 2015

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Renishaw will be exhibiting at Pittcon 2015 & giving a paper on transmission Raman imaging.

The inVia system enables users to study the widest range of samples with the broadest range of Raman imaging techniques. Renishaw's unique suite of complementary imaging options make it easy for users to get the chemical and structural information they need.

On booth #2808, Renishaw's experts will explain the collective benefits of each technique and how the addition of transmission Raman provides maximum flexibility.

Applications Scientist, Pippa Law, will give a presentation on transmission Raman on 9 March, at 2.30 pm. She will explain how transmission Raman mapping is an attractive method for the fast, quantitative analysis of bulk material homogeneity.

With a focus on pharmaceuticals, she will demonstrate the significant benefits that transmission Raman mapping offers over static Raman transmission, for applications such as tablet dose and blend uniformity.

Join Renishaw at Pittcon, or contact a local sales representative to discover how the inVia confocal Raman microscope can generate outstanding Raman images.