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Rigaku Offers Latest Version of CrysAlisPro Software

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Rigaku Corporation has announced that the latest version of CrysAlisPro from Rigaku Oxford Diffraction is available for the Rigaku XtaLAB mini benchtop chemical crystallography system. CrysAlisPro is a combined instrument control and data processing package which links seamlessly to Olex2, the world’s most popular small molecule structure analysis package.

If the initial diffraction pattern indicates that analysis can continue, a new feature called WIT, or “What Is This?”, collects a rapid data set, indexes the cell, determines if it has been previously published (by searching the Cambridge database) and simultaneously attempts to solve the structure. For well diffracting crystals, it is possible to collect data, process it and see the atomic connectivity in a few minutes.

CrysAlisPro combines automated crystal screening, the fastest, most accurate strategy software available, concurrent data reduction and automatic structure solution with refinement by AutoChem, giving the operator visual feedback in the shortest time possible. In addition to its automatic routines, CrysAlisPro includes a full complement of comprehensive and effective tools and functions for dealing with non-standard or problematic data.

The XtaLAB mini™ system is a compact single crystal X-ray diffractometer designed to produce publication-quality 3D structures. The system is designed to provide the same quality data as a larger 3 kW X-ray system, but with reduced size afforded by the generator’s lower operating power (600 W) and special focusing optics.