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Rugged HPLC Column Supports Biotherapeutic Drug Development

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A new high-performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) column designed for reversed-phased chromatography separation of monoclonal antibodies (mAbs) and their fragments. 

The Thermo Scientific MAbPac RP column is designed for analytical chemists requiring high-resolution accurate mass determination of mAb variants, antibody drug conjugates (ADCs) and proteins, as well as those conducting high-resolution separation of mAbs and mAb fragments (including LC, HC, Fc, Fab, scFc, and F(ab’)2). 

With mAbs already representing more than a third of all biopharmaceuticals in development, reliable and rapid characterization of these compounds is becoming increasingly vital for many labs. The MAbPac RP column has been optimized for mAb LC/MS and LC/UV separations: its thermal and pH stability yields consistent separations, while the polymeric resin has a pore size that is optimal for mAbs. 

“These columns provide outstanding resolution for monoclonal antibodies and related biomolecules,” said Dr. Xiaodong Liu, director of chromatography consumable R&D for Thermo Fisher. “In addition to being rugged, they offer users in biopharma R&D and academia high efficiency with a low carry-over, coupled with excellent compatibility with mass spectrometry and high throughput capabilities.” 

The MAbPac RP column will be exhibited for the first time at the 42nd International HPLC Conference in Geneva, Switzerland, Booth 14, June 21–25. 

This column has been developed specifically with the biomolecules being separated in mind: the polymer, pore size and surface chemistry have all been optimized to give results that are highly accurate and reproducible. The new MAbPac column complements the existing Thermo Scientific MAbPac family of columns, including the MAbPac SEC-1, MAbPac HIC family of columns, MAbPac SCX-10, and MAbPac Protein A, as well as the BioRS UltiMate 3000 system.