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Save Time and Increase Throughput with Artel Software

Save Time and Increase Throughput with Artel Software  content piece image
Credit: Garik Barseghyan/ Pixabay
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Artel is releasing an updated version of its liquid handler verification software, MVS Data Manager. The latest software version will help labs realize significant time savings in assay execution.

Labs look to the MVS and its software to accelerate assay optimization, simplify regulatory compliance, and ensure quality for their liquid handling processes. Understanding and managing the performance of automated liquid handlers, multichannel pipettes, labware, and operators can easily be accomplished by using Artel technology.   With the new software, busy labs save time while ensuring the highest standards of quality.   

The MVS Data Manager software guides the user through the verification procedure and retrieves the data from the Plate Reader and Barcode Reader. The data are used to determine liquid handler performance relative to set targets and pass/fail tolerance limits. Melinda Gold, product manager, explained, “We wanted to improve productivity for our high throughput 384 well plate users. Redesigning our software enabled us to reduce the read time of microtiter plates by 50%. That brought the time down from approximately 4 minutes to just under 2 minutes.  That means for every 100 plates read there would be a time savings of about three hours. That’s significant when you’re processing large volumes of plates.”