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SCIEX Announces BioBA Solution

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SCIEX has launched the BioBA solution, the first end-to-end and most complete solution for bioanalysis of biologics. The BioBA solution comprises a comprehensive collection of components that will enable scientists who are transitioning from traditional small molecule bioanalysis to bioanalysis of biologics, to generate robust, reproducible and sensitive data.

This integrated solution is designed to turn the complexities of biologics bioanalysis into a simple process for both expert and non-expert bioanalytical scientists.

The BioBA solution includes sample preparation kits, fully automated sample handler, a robust LC component with outstanding resolution, and a sensitive triple quadrupole MS System with the industry standard software for performing bioanalytical studies. All this is supported by SCIEX’s world-class expertise in biologics bioanalysis, while offering a rich repository of proven methods for many well-known biologics.

As more organizations transition to developing biologics, new challenges arise for the scientists that may not have prior expertise or confidence in characterizing and quantifying biologics such as peptides, proteins, monoclonal antibodies, and antibody drug conjugates during their research. The SCIEX BioBA solution reduces the challenges and, hence, the cost and time typically needed by bioanalytical scientists to optimize robust, reproducible, and sensitive quantification conditions for biologics, from hardware and software combinations to experimental parameters.

“BioBA Solution is a comprehensive offering for all our bioanalytical customers who are transitioning from small molecule bioanalysis to biologics,” said Joe Fox, Senior Director of Pharma Business, SCIEX. “This solution will enable them to perform bioanalysis of these challenging biologics with the same confidence that they have in working with small molecules, while saving time and improving productivity.”

Ready access to SCIEX’s technical support team can help the scientists develop optimal LC-MS methods and offer expert guidance, and the rich repository of already proven methods can provide an additional level of confidence.

Gary Impey, Ph.D, Director, Pharmaceutical/CRO Business, SCIEX said, “We are leveraging our established LC-MS leadership in bioanlysis to bring this comprehensive new solution to our customers. BioBA demonstrates our commitment to helping bioanalytical customers choose the right technology and get to answers in the shortest possible time.”

The ready-to-use sample preparation kits minimize variability and simplify sample extraction, while automated sample handling not only increases precision and accuracy of assay performance, but also saves time.

The best-in-class LC offers outstanding resolution and separation of complex biologics samples, while the most sensitive triple quadrupole mass spectrometer enables robust, reproducible, and sensitive methods for biologics quantification with ultimate sensitivity.

The software offers easy bioanalysis method development and rapid post acquisition data analysis, while addressing all regulatory criteria concerns for those in regulated bioanalytical laboratories.