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Shimadzu Announces New Multi-Analyte Quantitation Software for GC/MS

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Shimadzu Scientific Instruments has announced the release of its new LabSolutions Insight software for GC/MS analysis. With intuitive operation and multiple report viewing options, the software improves the efficiency of multi-analyte data analysis.

Combine with Shimadzu’s Smart Database Series for easy analysis of pesticides, forensic toxicological substances, metabolites and environmental pollutants.

With intuitive operation, LabSolutions Insight caters to all operators, even those who aren’t experts in analysis. The easy-to-use functionality translates to increased uptime and decreased training time due to a shortened learning curve.

The software features three chromatogram views (sample, compounds and summary) so users can check differences in parameters, compound results and summary of batch analysis all with the same software.

This also enables operators to choose the view that best suits their workflow, whether they are searching for compounds in unknown samples, checking the quality of standards or directly accessing a compound of interest.

LabSolutions Insight features an impressive flagging threshold of one to five levels. It is able to recognize concentrations that are outside the defined limit and flag them to pick up compounds for additional information.

Users can receive their report in summary format, which allows them to view and print the chromatograms present in each compound. A data report is also available when specified in batch analysis.