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Shimadzu Opens the Door to Biomolecular Imaging for All with New Compact MALDI-TOF Imaging Solution

An imaging starter kit.
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Shimadzu Corporation announces the release of the world’s smallest MALDI-TOF imaging solution, available as an option on the successful benchtop MALDI-TOF mass spectrometry series: the MALDI-8020 for positive ion analysis and the MALDI-8030, which features a dual-polarity ion source.

Suitable for users starting out in the world of biomolecular imaging, the compact format of the Shimadzu benchtop MALDI-TOF system provides a welcoming platform by combining the ease of MALDI analysis with extremely intuitive software in an all-inclusive imaging kit. The system can serve as an ideal teaching tool to introduce users to MALDI imaging. In addition, it offers a low-cost entry point to users who would like to see what MALDI imaging can offer for their workflow.

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Experienced users will also benefit from the Shimadzu benchtop MALDI imaging solution. Benchtop imaging is an ideal platform for method development and routine imaging analyses. The benchtop systems are equipped with a fast sample stage and quick-load technology, which enable a short time-to-analysis, while delivering low associated overhead costs with a long-life fast laser (200 Hz), the longer life AeonDetectorTM and self-cleaning ion optics based on the Shimadzu TrueCleanTM technology.

The Benchtop MALDI-TOF Imaging Starter Kit is a value-added package to complement existing and new users of the MALDI-8020 or MALDI-8030, expanding the already versatile capabilities of these systems. The kit includes everything users need to begin imaging experiments on their MALDI-8020 or MALDI-8030 system, including custom ITO-coated glass slides, a new custom glass slide holder, metal slides for those who prefer a reusable slide option, a mask to facilitate sample mounting and to shield regions of the glass slide during matrix deposition, a carrier to aid optical scanning, the MALDI SolutionsTM Imaging license for enabling the MALDI Imaging acquisition wizard, and the IonViewTM imaging viewing software. 

Kozo Shimazu, the CEO of Kratos Analytical Ltd., a Shimadzu Group Company, commented: “At Shimadzu we have always strived to improve society through technology. Biomolecular imaging is a growing field with numerous applications related to drug development and the understanding of diseases that can potentially address many issues related to our health. By providing a compact MALDI-TOF platform for imaging that is so convenient and affordable, we open the door for all researchers to perform biomolecular imaging, irrespective of whether they are novices or experienced in this field.”