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Shimadzu's New Triple Quad LCMS Introduced at ASMS 2020 Reboot

Shimadzu's New Triple Quad LCMS Introduced at ASMS 2020 Reboot content piece image
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Shimadzu Scientific Instruments (SSI) has introduced the LCMS-8060NX triple quadrupole liquid chromatograph mass spectrometer (LC-MS/MS). The culmination of a decade of triple quad engineering, this new instrument features world-class sensitivity and acquisition speeds, increased robustness to minimize downtime, unparalleled ease of use for greater workflow efficiency, and analytical intelligence functions to maximize laboratory output.

Newly developed ion focus lenses in the state-of-the-art integrated electrospray probe propel ions into the LCMS-8060NX with the greatest of efficiency. Neutral particles are expelled to reduce noise and provide the highest stability. A new heat assist design increases desolvation efficiency and promotes superior ionization of a wide range of compounds. Furthermore, the system’s unique UFsweeper technology effectively sweeps ions from the collision cell without deceleration, maintaining high-sensitivity analysis even at high acquisition speeds. 

The LCMS-8060NX employs new ion guides, the UF-Qarray II and the UF-Lens II, to increase robustness while maintaining high ion transmission efficiency. Improved robustness means higher laboratory throughput as maintenance interval times increase. Further maximizing productivity, consumable parts like the ESI spray needle and the inlet desolvation line (DL) can be changed quickly and easily without breaking vacuum.

Designed for easy operation, the LCMS-8060NX incorporates optimized parameters based on AI research that enable high sensitivity without manual optimization. Features such as automated start-up and shutdown (with LabSolutions Connect MRM) enable unattended operation. Combining the MS with the new Nexera UHPLC 40 series provides multiple analytical intelligence functions to further increase the efficiency of the overall workflow.

To complement the LCMS-8060NX, SSI also introduces updated LabSolutions LCMS workstation software for total operator support, from analysis to data processing. The LabSolutions Connect/LabSolutions Insight platform supports the entire analysis workflow, including project file management, optimization of MRM and interface parameters, efficient verification of quantitative results, simple method and batch creation and verification of quantitative results.