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Simplified Determination of Inositol Phosphates in DDGS

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Thermo Fisher Scientific has developed a rapid and reliable sample preparation procedure and ion chromatography-based method to determine the phytate hydrolysis products in dried distillers grains with solubles (DDGS).

Application Note 1070: Determination of Inositol Phosphates in Dried Distillers Grains with Solubles demonstrates the determination of 25 inositol phosphate isomers-InsP2–InsP6-in an in-house prepared reference solution.

Separation is achieved in less than 42 minutes using a column designed for high-resolution separations of carbohydrates.

Using this separation, inositol phosphates are determined in DDGS. Sample pretreatment cartridges simplify sample preparation for DDGS compared to typical capture/release methods.

Ins-P6 in its ionic form, phytate, accounts for 50–80% of the phosphorus in seed-based feedstuff. In a complexed form, however, phytate’s phosphorus and bound minerals become nutritionally unavailable. Therefore, DDGS are supplemented with inorganic phosphorus to meet the dietary needs of nonruminant animals.

Processing factors such as fermentation, drying, and pelleting contribute to the nutritional variation in DDGS. Thus, this new analytical method to quantify phytate hydrolysis products in DDGS is useful in determining phosphorus bioavailability for nonruminant animals.