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Si-Ware Systems Launches Volume Production of NeoSpectra Sensor for Material Analysis

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Si-Ware Systems has launched volume production of the smallest, lowest-cost infra-red spectrometer “engine” for developers. The award-winning NeoSpectra™ sensor module is now shipping to customers for development of innovative hand-held devices for material analysis in the field. The NeoSpectra sensors offer developers a finely-tuned sensor module to create mobile devices that can instantly analyze materials on the spot – from oil and gas samples to pharmaceuticals, food and soil -- through measuring spectral response.

Delivering the same functionality as conventional “bench-top” spectrometers in labs, the NeoSpectra module brings to end-users the ability to immediately quantify composition, detect impurities and ascertain quality, speeding analysis of samples from days to minutes without the need for offsite lab verification. NeoSpectra sensors are the smallest and the lowest cost Fourier Transform InfraRed (FT-IR) spectrometers on the market.

Built around micro-electromechanical systems (MEMS) components that are fabricated using cost-effective, high-volume semiconductor techniques, the module covers a wide spectral range, consumes very little power, and is about the size of a smartphone.

The first generation of NeoSpectra sensors operate in the near infra-red (NIR) spectral range with three different configurations available between 1,150nm and 2,500nm, enabling material composition analysis and/or identification in a wide range of application areas. Unlike existing miniaturized NIR spectroscopy solutions, NeoSpectra sensors are constructed from permanently aligned, highly reproducible components.

“Over the last few decades, we have witnessed how high volume semiconductor technologies including MEMS have played a disruptive role in many industries,” said Bassam Saadany, Optical MEMS division manager at SWS. “We believe that NeoSpectra ignites this disruption in the spectroscopy arena.”

NeoSpectra sensors are being designed into analytical products in a range of industries including agricultural, pharmaceutical, petrochemical, food processing and other kinds of instrumentation. The small size and low cost of the module is sparking development of innovative hand-held measurement tools that were not previously possible due to size and cost constraints. NeoSpectra delivers added revenue potential to developers by enabling non-specialist professionals – from farmers to pharmacists – to conduct material analysis onsite rather than sending samples to a lab.

“We are amazed by the innovative applications that our developer customers continue to bring us that capitalize on the small footprint and scalability of NeoSpectra sensors,” said Scott Smyser, VP of marketing and business development at SWS. “These developers combine the legacy of conventional NIR spectroscopy analysis methodologies with new features enabled by NeoSpectra to deploy never-seen instruments that can be used by non-experts. We foresee the day in the near future where spectroscopy becomes an essential part of our daily activities.”

The first production NeoSpectra sensor is the SWS62221. Si-Ware now provides evaluation and development kits, as well as production units for high volumes.