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Streamline Nitrosamines Testing with Restek’s New Multicomponent Standard

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Credit: Restek.
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Comprised of the most frequently targeted nitrosamine compounds for pharmaceutical impurities testing, Restek’s new, multicomponent Nitrosamines 7 Standard contains seven key nitrosamines in a single ampul, significantly reducing the complexity and challenges in sourcing the compounds you need. Explore the benefits of this seven-in-one nitrosamine certified reference standard (CRM) and new internal standard to simplify sourcing, reduce standard preparation, and to help ensure the accuracy of your data.

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  • Seven critical nitrosamines in a single ampul.
  • Formulated for optimal stability with a concentration of 100 µg/mL for each analyte, allowing for flexibility in constructing calibration curves.
  • Two independently manufactured lots available with verified lot-to-lot agreement.
  • Internal standard available at a concentration of 1000 µg/mL