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The Hiden HPR60-EQP Atmospheric Plasma Monitor

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The Hiden HPR60-EQP is a fully-integrated system configured specifically for measurement of atmospheric and near atmospheric plasma and reactive processes in applications including analysis of atmospheric plasma jets (APD), dielectric barrier discharges (DBD) and flame chemistry.

The system uses three stages of pressure reduction with orifice sampling at each inter-stage to provide fast transfer of reactive and neutral species direct to the integral Hiden EQP mass spectrometer.

The EQP system enables direct measurement of the mass and of the ion energy of both positive and negative ions, and of neutral species with the integral electron bombardment ion source.

Electronegative species may be identified and measured independently with the integral Hiden electron attachment (EAMS) mode. Energy range is up to +/-1000eV and molecular weights from 1amu to 2500amu are accommodated.

A custom design service is offered, if required, to engineer a suitable system interface to adapt the sample extraction zone to the reaction region.