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Thermo Electron Displays Technologies for Lab Automation and Mass Spectrometry

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Thermo Electron Corporation has announced displaying of mass spectrometry technology at this year's Drug Discovery Technology World Congress.

The company, which completed the acquisition of Kendro Laboratory Products, will also highlight its laboratory automation and services for drug discovery customers.

"Our aggressive research and development efforts, combined with strategic acquisitions like Kendro, have placed Thermo in a unique position to offer advanced technologies and total laboratory solutions to our drug discovery customers," said Marc Casper, senior vice president of Thermo Electron.

He adds, "One particularly exciting technology on display at Drug Discovery is Thermo's LTQ Orbitrap, a new hybrid mass spectrometer and possibly the biggest breakthrough in mass spec technology since the ion trap was developed more than 20 years ago."

Further he said, "With solutions such as these, our customers are able to stretch the boundaries of what is possible in their work to make the world a healthier, cleaner and safer place."

Thermo will be showcasing the LTQ Orbitrap Mass Spectrometer, combining patented Orbitrap technology with the Finnigan LTQ linear ion trap mass spectrometer, designed to enable faster, sensitive and reliable detection and identification of compounds in complex mixtures.

LeadStream ADME/Tox Solution, designed to streamlining the ADME/Tox screening process through a combination of automation, optical readout, mass spectrometry and software. LeadStream is supported by a team of ADME/Tox experts and an applications laboratory.

Multidrop Combi Reagent Dispenser, designed to offer outstanding reliability and flexibility with wide dispensing volume ranges starting from 500nl, variable plate formats up to 1536, variable plate heights and graphical user interface with color display. Easily automated with robots and stackers like the Thermo RapidStak.

Polara RS software package for the RapidStak microplate stacker,designed to automate two instruments when combined with Thermo's RapidStak Scheduling and Control software.

According to Thermo, a user can run virtually any two-instrument assay even including third party instruments and barcode reading. This introduction represents the industry's two-instrument loading stacker.

Nicolet Almega XR, Raman spectroscopy, designed for the analysis of drug compounds, being information-rich and requiring no sample preparation.

The Nicolet Almega XR dispersive Raman spectrometer is sensitive to the subtle differences found between polymorphs and other solid forms and, together with OMNIC 7.2 and Array Automation, provides a platform for automated and polymorph screening.

CataLyst Express, the industry benchtop robot, designed for plate handling.