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Thermo Electron Enhances Mass Spectrometry Portfolio

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Thermo Electron Corporation has announced the introduction of three mass spectrometers: the Finnigan™ LXQ™ Linear Ion Trap Mass Spectrometer for high-throughput drug discovery and proteomics; the DELTA V Series Isotope Ratio Mass Spectrometer for earth sciences research; and the DFS High Resolution Magnetic Sector Mass Spectrometer for high-precision environmental analysis.

These product introductions continue a year marked by a number of significant advancements in Thermo's mass spectrometry portfolio, including the introduction of the LTQ™ Orbitrap™ hybrid mass spectrometer.

The Finnigan LXQ Linear Ion Trap Mass Spectrometer is designed to advance high- throughput drug discovery and proteomics by making linear trap performance a cost-effective option for fast-paced analytical laboratories.

The Finnigan LXQ is designed to offer patented ion trap technology that delivers ultra fast cycle times and improved ion statistics, resulting in dramatically superior sensitivity and speed over 3D ion traps.

"Thermo has successfully executed its strategy to build the most comprehensive mass spectrometry product offering of any company in the industry," said Marc Casper, senior vice president of Thermo Electron.

"Through our aggressive R&D efforts and our focused acquisition strategy, we are uniquely able to satisfy the needs of both our life sciences and industrial customer bases. I am more excited than ever about our market position and our opportunity for growth."