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Thermo Fisher Scientific Introduces Flexible, Adaptable Column for Nanoscale HPLC

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Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc., has announced the release of the Thermo Scientific EASY-Column for nanoscale HPLC applications. Nanoscale HPLC is primarily used in combination with high performance mass spectrometry for the analysis of complex biological samples, such as applications in proteomics and disease biomarker discovery.

The EASY-Column™ operates effectively on any nano LC system, including the Thermo Scientific EASY-nLC, and it is optimized for online LC-MS.

Produced with the highest-quality and purest chromatography media possible, the EASY-Column uses metal-free fused silica capillaries to ensure full biocompatibility and has been designed to optimize peak resolution and method sensitivity for these challenging separations.

Thermo Fisher will showcase the new EASY-Column within Thermo Scientific booth 2835 during Pittcon 2011, being held March 13-18, in Atlanta.

Simple and easy to use, the EASY-Column has precisely cut and polished ends, giving a perfect, zero dead-volume connection to the emitter and transfer lines. Each column is individually tested and subjected to rigorous inspection and quality control protocols.

The EASY-Column sets a benchmark for easy-to-use compatibility, while providing the chromatographic performance required for demanding nanoscale LC applications.