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Thermo Fisher Scientific Introduces New Chromosomal Microarray with Two-Day Turnaround Time to Increase Lab Productivity

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Thermo Fisher Scientific, announced the launch of a new chromosomal microarray designed to improve cytogenetic research lab productivity, efficiency and profitability with an industry-leading two-day turnaround time.

Providing insights on chromosomal variants for a wide range of prenatal, postnatal and oncology research applications, the Applied Biosystems™ CytoScan™ HD Accel array analyzes the whole human genome and provides improved coverage in more than 5,000 critical genome regions.

With growing demand for laboratory services and an ongoing shortage of trained lab professionals, labs are under pressure to improve efficiency to keep up with increasing volumes.i CytoScan HD Accel array can help labs increase assay productivity by up to 100% with their existing installed equipment base. The new array also minimizes sample handling and preparation time, and requires up to 50% less input sample – as little as 100 ng input DNA – than other commercially available chromosomal microarrays.

“Thermo Fisher Scientific is committed to innovation to meet the needs of our customers,” said Kevin Lowitz, vice president and general manager, microarray genetic solutions, Thermo Fisher Scientific. “By speeding up cytogenetic research time to results, the CytoScan HD Accel array can save labs weeks, or even months, over the course of a year. With its scalability and ability to provide reliable, reproducible answers faster, microarray technology will only grow in utility as a cost-effective platform of choice for cytogenetic research.”

CytoScan HD Accel array delivers improved data quality with an expanded reference model that covers a broad range of samples including buccal swabs, saliva, amniotic fluid, chorionic villus, products of conception, and blood.

As part of its commitment to enabling customers to advance cytogenetic research, Thermo Fisher has continued to update its instrumentation and services. Thermo Fisher recently enhanced its data analysis Applied Biosystems Chromosome Analysis Suite (ChAS) software by launching CytoScan Automated Interpretation and Reporting (AIR) Solution for automated data interpretation and reporting. Thermo Fisher has also upgraded its high-performance microarray instrument for array processing, Applied Biosystems™ GeneChip™ System (GCS) 3000, with the autoloader pre-assembled inside the scanner for more efficient installation and a modernized look.