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Thermo Fisher Scientific Launches 3M Harvest RC Chromatographic Clarifier Single Harvest Solution

Thermo Fisher Scientific Launches 3M Harvest RC Chromatographic Clarifier Single Harvest Solution content piece image
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The 3M Harvest RC Chromatographic Clarifier, a single-stage harvest solution, is now commercially available to therapeutic developers and manufacturers through Thermo Fisher Scientific. The 3M technology is complementary to Thermo Scientific single-use bioreactors (S.U.B.s), such as the recently launched Thermo Scientific DynaDrive S.U.B. and the well-established HyPerforma S.U.B.

Pharmaceutical and biotech companies face challenges harvesting cell culture fluid consistently and at scale for developing drugs such as monoclonal antibody (mAb) therapies. By employing synthetic fibrous AEX chromatographic clarification media, the 3M Harvest RC enables single-stage clarification of low- to high-density Chinese Hamster Ovary CHO cell cultures (>40 million cells per mL) with high product recovery. The clarifier also reduces traditional filtration processes into a single step.

Therapeutic development using CHO cells where there is a need for scalability, performance and cost reduction.  


  • Increased mAb yields: 3M Harvest RC chromatographic clarification capsules consistently provide >95% mAb product recovery for high cell density cultures. 
  • Scalability: 3M Harvest RC capsules scale linearly to meet laboratory, pilot, and manufacturing needs.  
  • Consistent cell loading capacity: Advanced Q functionalized fibrous chromatography media enables single-stage clarification of CHO cell culture fluid, helping users achieve predictable cell loading capacity for a wide range of packed cell volumes. 
  • Low cell shearing: Low-pressure chromatographic clarification relies on charge rather than size or density for minimal cell shear compared to conventional depth filtration processes, even at medium and high cell densities.  
  • Robust sterile filter protection: Highly effective chromatographic reduction of soluble and insoluble contaminants enables efficient clarification and effective protection of final sterilizing grade membrane filter down to 0.1 μm pore size.