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Thermo Fisher Scientific Launches New Digital PCR Automation Solution

The Applied Biosystems™ QuantStudio™ Absolute Q™ AutoRun dPCR Suite
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Thermo Fisher Scientific announces the launch of its new digital PCR research solution, The Applied Biosystems™ QuantStudio™ Absolute Q™ AutoRun dPCR Suite. The only digital PCR system in the market to enable Lab Automation, reduce overhead, without sacrificing consistency, flexibility, and ease-of-use.


The Applied Biosystems™ QuantStudio™ Absolute Q™ AutoRun dPCR Suite combines the advanced QuantStudio Absolute Q dPCR system’s innovative technology with the intelligent lab automation of the Thermo™ Scientific™ Spinnaker Microplate Robot and industry first multi-plate analysis for large batch samples.


This automated and high throughput solution will support BioPharma and Molecular research customers to accelerate time to market of novel therapeutics and bring high sample testing capabilities across drug discovery research and development, oncology, Transplant Dx and other molecular research applications while advancing lab productivity with minimal hands-on and operator time.


The AutoRun is built around the QuantStudio Absolute Q digital PCR system, Themo Fisher’s digital PCR solution for simple and absolute nucleic acid quantification. With flexible instrument configurations and intelligent automation that supports up to 72 hours of hands-free operation, the AutoRun delivers efficient high-throughput multiplex analysis with a streamlined walk-away workflow.

Key Applications: 

dPCR technology, combined with lab automation, to serve various applications within the drug discovery, development and manufacturing as well as molecular testing in labs requiring this level of automation


  • Simplified workflow: Absolute Q AutoRun provides simple, flexible, and walkaway absolute quantification through automation.
  • Data Consistency: Absolute Q AutoRun is able to run overnight and during the weekend for up to 72 hours of hands-free operation and provides the same high quality consistent data expected for Absolute Q dPCR.
  • Scalable throughput: Absolute Q AutoRun has the flexibility to integrate with single or dual QuantStudio Absolute Q instruments to scale to meet customer needs.