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Thermo Fisher Scientific Now Directly Sells to and Supports Customers Based in Spain

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Scientists in Spain will now benefit from a locally-based team that will provide a single point of access to the Thermo Fisher Scientific portfolio of ion chromatography, sample preparation and discrete industrial analyzer products, along with comprehensive customer support from installation to routine use in the laboratory.

The decision by Thermo Fisher to provide direct access to these solutions was made in response to growing demand by customers. The new Spanish-based team will be highly accessible to support customers at every stage of an instrument’s lifecycle, during installation and for ongoing maintenance, minimizing instrument downtime and ensuring customer satisfaction.

“Our portfolio of ion chromatography, automated sample preparation and discrete industrial analyzer products are used around the world to support a variety of applications, from environmental testing to food quality analysis,” said Lionel Celli, senior sales director, EMEA South, chromatography and mass spectrometry, Thermo Fisher. “With a local team on the ground in Spain, we can better support our customers’ business objectives and ensure they have ready access to our experts when needed. It also strengthens our collaboration with customers and connects them to a broader customer community that extends their support network.”

Scientists working in a wide range of fields will benefit from direct access to Thermo Fisher instruments and complete workflow solutions complemented by comprehensive customer service and support. This offering will optimize every aspect of the customer experience in analytical laboratories, manufacturing, and quality control.