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Thermo Fisher Scientific Simplifies Gas Chromatography Column Selection

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Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc., provides you with easy access to its GC Column Configurator, an iPhone and iPad optimized selection tool that enables you to choose the appropriate column for your chromatographic specifications.  Access to the GC Column Configurator can be found on the  Chromatography Resource Centre (CRC), or by simply searching “TraceGOLD” in iTunes. Just enter your current part number or column dimensions and this easy-to-use tool will find the corresponding Thermo Scientific GC column. These GC columns provide enhanced performance with ultra-low bleed, greater reproducibility and inertness for your applications.

The CRC is a complete resource for chromatographers, providing the GC Column Configurator, HPLC Method Development Calculator, Chromatography Columns and Consumables Catalog and a technical library of over 6,000 application notes. For more information and to see how the CRC can help you, please visit www.thermoscientific.com/crc.