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Thermo Receives IVDD CE Mark for its Thermo Scientific Prelude MD HPLC, Endura MD Mass Spectrometer and ClinQuan MD Software

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Thermo Fisher Scientific, the world leader in serving science, has announced that it has received the in vitro diagnostics device (IVDD) CE mark for its Thermo Scientific Prelude MD HPLC, Endura MD mass spectrometer and ClinQuan MD software. 

Available for general in vitro diagnostic use in Europe, clinical laboratories now have access to a high performance liquid chromatograph, mass spectrometer and LC-MS software designed and manufactured for in vitro diagnostic use in analyzing patient samples as components of laboratory-developed tests. The products will be exhibited at the 2nd Annual European Conference on Clinical Mass Spectrometry, MSACL EU 2015 Conference, Booth 12-13, and at the Salzburg Congress Centre, Salzburg, Austria.

"We're strongly committed to bringing the advantages of LC-MS to the clinical market," said Bradley Hart, strategic director, life sciences mass spectrometry, clinical markets, for Thermo Fisher. “These three products are part of a larger initiative to make mass spectrometry more useful and accessible to clinicians.”