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Together, Making Light Work, since 1972: Jenway’s New Split-beam Spectrophotometer makes Spectroscopy Easier and More Accurate

Together, Making Light Work, since 1972: Jenway’s New Split-beam Spectrophotometer makes Spectroscopy Easier and More Accurate content piece image
Jenway’s new split-beam spectrophotometer
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Experience an easier way to perform spectrophotometry with IoT in the lab. The new Jenway® 76 Series Visible and UV/Visible Scanning Spectrophotometer features split-beam optics and CPLive™ connectivity. Split-beam technology offers improved accuracy and repeatability when determining samples. CPLive connectivity gives users the ability to safely and securely upload and archive data to the cloud, manage multiple devices at one time with the CPLive App, share data with colleagues and access complimentary unlimited data storage. The spectrophotometer provides fast and reliable results ideal for a variety of applications from teaching, to research and development applications, to routine sample analysis in quality control environments.

Available as Jenway model 7615, it has a 1.5 nm spectral bandwidth, and the split-beam optics offset any signal fluctuations for increased stability over prolonged use, making it ideal for time course and kinetic measurement. The high-definition, color touch-screen and intuitive user interface makes the spectrophotometer easy to use. The touchscreen interface is fast and responsive even when wearing gloves. This spectrophotometer is compatible with both Android® and iOS devices, has 10GB of onboard storage for methods and results, is designed with multiple USB ports for data storage and printer connectivity, features multi-language options, and can be adapted with a choice of accessories.

The Jenway 76 Series joins the existing Jenway family of products that include the Jenway 74 Series also equipped with CPLive connectivity. This family of ‘live’ spectrophotometers complement one another and provide accurate and reliable results. They are also pre-programmed with measurement modes that are relevant to their applications.

“Both the Jenway 74 Series and the 76 Series spectrophotometers with CPLive connectivity significantly simplify user workflows by enabling them to securely archive & share their data, easily scale their research, quickly add future devices and intuitively manage multiple machines – all with a simple touch of a button”, commented Neil Pomeroy, New Product Development Director.