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Tosoh Bioscience Celebrates 50th Anniversary of the TSKgel® Column Brand

Tosoh Bioscience Celebrates 50th Anniversary of the TSKgel® Column Brand  content piece image
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Tosoh Bioscience, a provider of chromatographic solutions to the pharmaceutical, biotechnology and chemical industries, is excited to announce the 50th anniversary of the introduction of the TSKgel U/HPLC column line. In 1971, Tosoh (known then as Toyo Soda Manufacturing) launched its first gel permeation chromatography (GPC) column for organic-soluble polymer analysis, the TSKgel S-type, a polymer-based column.

TSKgel S-type columns paved the way for an entire suite of columns in nearly every mode of liquid chromatography. Size exclusion chromatography has remained a special focus in the product line, with the TSKgel SW series as the biopharma industry’s first choice for QC of therapeutic antibodies. Whether your needs are basic biological research, drug discovery, medicinal chemistry, agriculture, manufacturing, or other industrial applications, Tosoh Bioscience has the optimal solution.

As the science and technology of liquid chromatography continues to evolve, we at Tosoh Bioscience will continue our rich history of innovation through our TSKgel columns.