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TTP Labtech Announces Company Name Change to SPT Labtech

TTP Labtech Announces Company Name Change to SPT Labtech content piece image
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TTP Labtech Ltd, a company focused on the design and development of automated instrumentation and consumables for life science applications, has announced its corporate name change to SPT Labtech effective from January 6, 2020. The change of name is a contractual requirement of its divestment from TTP Group in 2018 with the backing of technology-focused investment firm Battery Ventures.

David Newble, Managing Director of TTP Labtech, said, “As SPT Labtech, we will remain deeply committed to solving our life science customers' toughest research problems by leveraging our world-leading application knowledge and engineering capabilities."

The new company name will be implemented across company websites, materials and media on Jan 6, 2020.