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UK Made Gas Chromatograph from only £5400

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The 200 Series Gas Chromatograph from Ellutia is an extremely compact, energy efficient yet powerful analysis tool.  Designed and manufactured by Ellutia in the UK the 200 Series GC offers all the analytical performance of a much larger conventional system but with a footprint of just 41 x 32 cm and power consumption of just 800 VA.

The 200 Series GC is a single channel instrument that comes installed as standard with a split/splitless injector and full electronic carrier gas control. A Choice of detectors are offered including FID, TCD, ECD and FPD, allowing for most applications to be run.  The oven can accommodate capillary columns up to 60m in length as well as packed columns using the optional adaptors.

The 200 Series GC column oven is heated by a unique, innovative and award winning heater design.  The flow through heat exchanger unit means the design of the GC could be kept extremely compact and energy efficient without sacrificing performance.  The oven can be temperature programmed with up to 5 settable ramps up to maximum temperature of 300?C.

A Range of accessories are available including Liquid and Headspace autosamplers, gas sampling injection valves, integration software and hardware and PC method download Software. Are available to further enhance the capabilities.

The 200 Series GC starts at only £5400 for an instrument with an FID Detector and further discounts available for educational establishments.