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Versatile UV Spectrophotometer for Batch and Flow Applications

The Flow-UV and a laptop displaying data.
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Uniqsis reports that demand for its Flow-UV inline UV-Visible spectrophotometer for biological, biotech, drug discovery and industrial applications grew to record levels during 2022.

Compact in design, the Flow-UV from Uniqsis sets a benchmark for real time monitoring of continuous flow and batch applications. Unlike many UV-visible spectrophotometers the high-resolution Flow-UV CCD array detector does not require calibration or routine servicing. The Xenon flash lamp source used in the Flow-UV has a lifetime of up to 10 years.

Steve Evans – Commercial Director for Uniqsis commented “During the last 12 months, one biotech customer ordered 6 Flow-UV units for nucleic acid purity assessment. In a rapidly growing number of pharma labs the unit is being used for high throughput screening of UV-active drug substances and real time determination of the steady state concentration of products being produced in drug discovery reaction optimisation studies. Researchers are also using the Flow-UV for monitoring algal growth, looking at variations of different metal ion complex solutions in rock cores and optimising microporous membrane production to name but a few of the wide array of applications this versatile spectrophotometer was selected for”.

He added “The Flow-UV uses fibre optic waveguides that connect the flow cell to the detector, allowing the flow cell to be positioned virtually anywhere in the flow path. To assure linearity of response, up to 5 wavelengths can be selected to monitor the progress of a reaction or monitor concentration changes in a wide variety of media. The Flow UV is supplied with 2 software applications for both flow (dynamic) and batch processes. Customers really appreciate the intuitive method set up and simple data acquisition interface”.