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Waters Corporation Introduces CORTECS Premier Columns

CORTECS Premier Columns with VanGuard FIT.
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Waters Corp introduces CORTECS Premier Columns, the first family of solid-core columns with MaxPeak HPS technology, that elevate the performance of reversed-phase small molecule chromatographic separations where speed is important. CORTECS Premier Columns increase detection sensitivity for metal binding analytes by reducing nonspecific adsorption resulting in a 3X increase in sample throughput as compared to fully-porous particle stainless-steel columns. 

Analyte loss continues to be one of the most challenging problems that face separation scientists. More specifically, common analyte classes such as phosphorylated and carboxylated molecules adsorb to stainless steel column hardware that results in poor peak shapes. When this happens, results from one run to the next are inconsistent, resulting in costly sample retesting and lost production time. CORTECS Premier Columns remove the doubt caused by inconsistency, allowing a 10X increase in assay precision, up to a 5X increase in metal-sensitive-analyte sensitivity and allow for 30% faster data processing. CORTECS Premier Columns are packed with solid-core particles that increase separation speed while MaxPeak HPS technology reduces nonspecific adsorption leading to improved peak shapes, sensitivity, analyte detection and reproducibility.