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Waters Introduces Cloud Deployable CDS

Waters Introduces Cloud Deployable CDS content piece image

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Waters announced the launch of Empower Cloud, a cloud deployable, compliance ready enterprise Chromatography Data Software (CDS). Additionally, TA Instruments introduced the new Discovery Simultaneous Differential Scanning Calorimeter/Thermogravimetric Analyzer, the SDT 650. TA also released three new additions to its 800 Series dilatometers: the DIL 820, DIL 830 and ODP 860.

“Waters has a rich history of unveiling state-of-the-art innovations at Pittcon and this year is no exception,” said Dr. Mike Harrington, Senior Vice President, Global Markets for Waters Corporation. “Today’s announcements will not only meet our customer’s needs, but also contribute to their success.”

Introduction of Empower Cloud

Over the last twenty-five years, Waters’ Empower Software has provided the gold standard for CDS, defining clear standards for laboratories across the globe. Empower Software has a global reach, with over 425,000 users worldwide on over 4,000 networks. Now, with the introduction of Empower Cloud, Waters’ customers can leverage the power of the internet to procure technology and further drive operational efficiency.

“Empower Cloud combines Waters’ versatile, easy to use software with Amazon Web Services (AWS), the world’s most comprehensive and broadly adopted cloud,” said Steve Smith, Vice President of Informatics at Waters. “The cloud has changed the way the world interacts with data, allowing companies to focus on science and not the infrastructure.”

Empower Cloud utilizes a single CDS platform across business partner relationships with Contract Research Organizations (CROs), Contract Manufacturing Organizations (CMOs) and others. This improves consistency, quality and compliance, while also realizing the benefit of collaborations and protecting their intellectual property.

New Discovery SDT System from TA Instruments

The Discovery SDT 650 delivers unprecedented sensitivity, baseline stability, temperature and atmospheric control. The new SDT 650 is the first simultaneous DSC/TGA to incorporate TA’s most advanced techniques like Modulated DSC®, Modulated TGA™, and Hi-Res™ TGA - opening up new areas of research. The SDT 650 is the only system capable of simultaneous TGA/TGA measurement. TA’s proprietary dual sample mode delivers independent TGA measurements on two samples. This new feature effectively doubles laboratory productivity.

A simultaneous DSC/TGA measures the change in energy as a function of time and temperature, while concurrently and precisely measuring sample weight changes. With a temperature range of ambient to 1500°C, a wide variety of materials can be characterized on the SDT 650.

Terry Kelly, President of TA Instruments, commented on the introduction, “Never before have we packed so many features into a single instrument. These include the most precise and accurate heat flow and weight measurements, advanced techniques and powerful automation. TA introduced the new Discovery Series® platform in 2016 and hundreds of customers have already confirmed that it has never been easier to get great data. The new Discovery SDT 650 will easily be the most productive addition to any thermal analysis laboratory.”

Three New Dilatometer Lines

TA Instruments introduced three new additions to its 800 Series dilatometers: the DIL 820, DIL 830 and ODP 860. Each of these instruments feature TA’s exclusive True Differential technology resulting in measurement accuracies that are 10 times better than the closest competitive system, reaffirming TA’s position as the technology and global leader in thermal analysis.

The three new lines of dilatometers are based on patented optical sensors that can analyze samples with a resolution of up to 1nm, and feature new high speed, no temperature-gradient furnaces that guarantee optimum temperature control and reduce downtime between tests.

The TA Dilatometers are high precision systems designed to measure dimensional changes of a specimen brought about by dynamic thermal events. They are used in a wide range of applications, including material science, ceramics, and metals. They excel in both research environments and production control processes.

METLIN MS/MS Library for Progenesis QI

The METLIN MS/MS Library for Progenesis QI offers implementation of a METLIN library directly within Progenesis QI Software for use with Waters’ high resolution mass spectrometry (MS) systems. This library plug-in to Progenesis QI enhances metabolomics researchers’ ability to confidently identify metabolites in complex samples using mass spectrometry. METLIN is one of the leading comprehensive metabolomic databases used by researchers in the field.

Progenesis QI Software enables researchers to analyze complex LC-MS data sets, visualize and extract reliable results, enabling users to rapidly identify and quantify significant changes between samples. The addition of direct access to the Waters METLIN MS/MS library streamlines library searching and further complements the comprehensive searching options already available within Progenesis QI.

The METLIN library, created in 2004, is an industry-standard resource developed Gary Siuzdak, professor and director of the Scripps Center for Metabolomics and Mass Spectrometry at The Scripps Research Institute. It represents one of the largest collections of reference metabolite data commonly used to confirm components in metabolomics experiments.