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Waters Otto SPEcialist Positive Pressure Manifold Improves Reproducibility and Reliability of Solid-Phase Extraction

Waters Otto SPEcialist Positive Pressure Manifold Improves Reproducibility and Reliability of Solid-Phase Extraction content piece image
Credit: Waters.
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Waters Corporation (NYSE:WAT) today introduced the OttoTM SPEcialist Positive Pressure Manifold designed to improve the reliability and reproducibility of solid phase extraction (SPE). Equipped with easy-to-use, 21 CFR Part 11 compliant software and programmable pressure profiles, the Otto SPEcialist system provides confidence in SPE results by eliminating common workflow errors, reducing user variability, and documenting each method step to remove uncertainty and prevent duplicative efforts. By automating the various pressure applications of SPE, Otto helps laboratories achieve greater overall efficiency and is useful for a variety of pharmaceutical, biopharmaceutical food & beverage and environmental applications.

“Reproducible sample preparation is an essential component of successful analytical methods” said Erin Chambers, Vice President, Chemistry, Waters Corporation. “However, even straightforward workflows like solid-phase extraction may suffer from poor reproducibility due to technique-associated variation. Otto SPEcialist is an important tool for helping laboratories perform SPE in a controlled, reliable way. By reducing flow rate variation and ensuring method fidelity regardless of user or experience level, laboratories can more easily achieve success with ease while scaling operations and resources seamlessly.”

For LC and LC-MS/MS analyses, sample preparation like SPE, is a necessary first step best automated to ensure reliability and reproducibility, especially when screening or analyzing significant numbers of samples and when consistency is important. Controlled with the intuitive, 21 CFR Part 11 compliant-ready Otto Software through an integrated tablet, Otto SPEcialist system enables the creation, editing, running, and sharing of pressure profiles and methods with little-to-no training. By utilizing positive pressure applied to the top of the device to control flow rather than vacuum processing applied to the bottom, Otto SPEcialist system offers more precise control for easier and more reliable sample processing. The system provides a wide pressure control range, accommodating a number of SPE device sizes and sorbent masses. The Otto SPEcialist system also creates contact with each individual cartridge or well, unlike vacuum processing where all cartridges or wells are connected to a single source.

As compared to fully-automated SPE systems that are often complicated and costly to set up and run, the semi-automated Otto SPEcialist system – with easy-to-use software and a clean, simple interface – can be quickly deployed without significant capital investment. Users can create pressure profiles for every step of an SPE workflow – including load, wash and elution steps – at the push of a button. New and existing profiles, methods and processing parameters are tracked and documented, allowing for unfettered sharing across multiple days, users, laboratories, assays and Otto devices. This eliminates the variability associated with manual extraction procedures and ensures workflow consistency regardless of operator or environment.

Otto SPEcialist system is compatible with a variety of sample plates, including Waters 96-well plates as well as larger 1 cc, 3 cc, and 6 cc cartridges, to easily scale methods as needed.

Visit Waters’ website to learn more about the Otto SPEcialist Positive Pressure Manifold for smart and controlled processing of SPE, now available worldwide.