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Charged Aerosol Detectors - Ensure Vaccine Efficacy

Charged Aerosol Detectors - Ensure Vaccine Efficacy

One way to minimize risk and ensure vaccine safety and efficacy is to use charged aerosol detection. This method of detection is ideal for analytes without any chromophores and provides a solution to the analytical incompatibly of HPLC-UV methods with respect to excipient analysis.

Charged Aerosol detection (CAD) can be used to complement your HPLC-UV analysis in a situation where excipients in a formula are a mix of UV active and inactive components. Using these tools together gives you a robust and reliable analytical detection method to determine the stability of all vaccine excipients.

The CAD is a universal detector able to detect all non-volatile, and many semi-volatile analytes in a sample. This uniform response enables the accurate quantitation of most excipient in a vaccine formulation.

The major benefits of using CAD to analyze vaccine excipients are:

1. Sensitive detection independent of whether a chromophore is present or not (unlike UV) or whether the compound forms gas-phase ions (unlike MS).
2. Uniform response, as in the ability to obtain the same response for all components regardless of the analyte structure.
3. Standard-free quantitation. You don’t need a standard to quantify an unknown. This is important when reference standards are unavailable for impurities and degradants.
Charged aerosol detection is a must-have analytical tool critical to the development process and monitoring quality control in large-scale manufacturing. This cutting-edge technology enables the in-depth characterization of vaccine composition, stability, and identification of impurities and degradation products.

Collecting robust and reliable stability data requires full visibility of each vaccine component is paramount to overcoming federal hurdles. Having a deeper understanding about how an excipient degrades over time allows you to fine-tune the formula to deliver stable and effective vaccines.

The last thing you want to happen in your business is to spend millions of dollars on vaccine development, only to be denied market approval due to poor product viability.
Ensure vaccine efficacy with Thermo Scientific™ Charged Aerosol Detectors.

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