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Featured Product

ImageQuant™ Western Blot Imaging Systems


Amersham ImageQuant™ 800 systems are highly sensitive and robust CCD imagers for capture of high-quality images, including Western blots. Choose from four models for colorimetric, chemiluminescent, or fluorescent detection including UV, RGB, and NIR. Use these versatile systems to image gels, blots, petri dishes, and multiwell plates.

SNOW (Signal-to-Noise Optimization Watch) detection mode provides exceptional sensitivity and imaging quality, automatically.

Do you work in a regulated environment? Is so, choose a system with a GxP module designed to meet the increasing requirements of regulations like FDA 21 CFR part 11 and EU GMP Annex 11 — where data traceability, accountability, and integrity are critical. With features such as windows, access control, audit logs and image authenticity checks, ImageQuant™ 800 GxP supports you with electronic data management.

  • Sensitivity and image quality: Detect both the weakest and strongest bands without compromising quality using the novel SNOW imaging mode and Fujifilm optics.
  • Versatility: Image across the full spectrum, including infrared (IR) long and IR short wavelengths (650 to 850 nm). Acquire color marker images automatically with blots, and image multiwell plates and petri dishes with accessories designed for artifact-free imaging.
  • Flexibility: Enjoy a small footprint thanks to a built-in touchscreen and mini external computer. Remotely check the status of systems in the facility and reserve imagers for your experiments using the ImageQuant™ CONNECT software.