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Invitrogen™ E-Gel™ Power Snap Plus Electrophoresis System: Run, Visualize, And Image—All On One Platform

The E-Gel Power Snap Plus Electrophoresis System is the only system with the ability to run, visualize, and image all on a single, fully integrated device, delivering high‑resolution images and the flexibility to run a few or up to 96 samples per run. Real-time visualization, flexible throughput, and easy analysis make the E-Gel Power Snap Plus system adaptable to any workflow.

Suitable for both high- and low-throughput DNA analysis, the system includes the electrophoresis device base, high-resolution camera for image capture, precast gels, ladders, and loading buffer, helping to save valuable time over traditional “pour your own” methods. These components are designed to work together to save time and streamline your nucleic acid electrophoresis workflow, providing a faster setup, running, and analysis process compared to traditional methods.

Benefits of the Power Snap Plus include:
• Simple and fast operation with preset protocols, intuitive user interface, and no gel monitoring
• Easily read results with on‑instrument deconvolution and analysis
• Safety for you and your samples; the blue light transformational will not damage DNA samples
• View the progress of experiments in real time
• Convenient size and modularity; system is six times smaller than conventional gel documentation systems, and the same camera unit can be used on multiple bases

Its flexible capacity and fast running time make the E-Gel Power Snap Plus System ideal for:

• High-throughput genotyping—run up to 96 samples at a time
• Cell population screening for quality control or mutations
• Clone library analysis and clone identification
• Routine analysis of restriction digests and PCR products

Power Snap Plus 3D Interactive Tour

Product Specifications
E-Gel agarose gel compatibility 11-, 22-, 48-, and 96-wells*, CloneWell II and SizeSelect II gels with adaptor
Built-in blue light transilluminator for safer operation Yes
Amber filter for real-time monitoring Yes
Camera resolution 13 MP
Image storage Image storage
Cloud enabled Yes
iBright Analysis Software compatible Yes
Intuitive touchscreen interface Yes
Dimensions (L x W x H) Instrument: 29.1 x 22.0 x 10.1 cm
Camera: 23.3 x 21.0 x 22.8 cm
Printer compatible Yes
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