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nanoElute® 2: Next Generation 4D-Proteomics™

nanoElute® 2: Next Generation 4D-Proteomics™

Built on the core principles of its predecessor, the nanoElute® 2 has been refined for unrivaled robustness, ultimate chromatographic performance, and ease-of-use.

• Unprecedented pump reproducibility and robustness
• Ultra-sharp peaks for the best proteomics performance
• Flexible user-controlled features and injection modes
• User friendly interface for early-adopters
• Assisted troubleshooting procedures for expert users
• Automatable sample preparation workflows
• Reach extreme LC-MS sensitivity for “label-free single-cell level” workflows

nanoElute® 2 Brochure

Ready for the Next Generation of 4D-Proteomics™ 

Short gradients with Bruker’s nanoElute coupled to the timsTOF Pro with PASEF — Throughput and deep proteome measurements