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New Module on Agilent Alissa Clinical Informatics Platform

New Module on Agilent Alissa Clinical Informatics Platform

New Module on Agilent Alissa Clinical Informatics Platform

New Module on Agilent Alissa Clinical Informatics Platform

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Introducing the all new Alissa Align & Call, the latest module to join Agilent’s Alissa Clinical Informatics platform designed for routine lab users seeking greater efficiency and accuracy in their NGS data workflows—from raw reads to draft reports.

Whether you are in a molecular pathology or a clinical genetics lab, running diagnostic tests or conducting research, Alissa Align & Call’s analysis pipeline enables you to easily navigate your big genomics data, from raw data to variant identification, without complex IT infrastructure or special hardware. As a fully-hosted workflow, Align & Call is easily deployed and comes with Agilent’s team of experts to help your lab quickly setup and scale volumes.

Along with greater efficiency and accuracy, Alissa Align & Call adds bioinformatic speed and quality to upstream and downstream workflows. Align & Call accelerates your time-to-results by unlocking complex data upstream with optimized algorithms for samples enriched by Agilent SureSelect, HaloPlex and OneSeq libraries and reagents. It seamlessly integrates downstream with the Alissa Interpret*, the variant assessment and reporting module on the platform, making your QC reports and VCF files easy to export and navigate among all users within your workgroup when your account is fully subscribed.

Alissa Align & Call delivers the next generation of NGS data analysis with comprehensive QC metrics that ensure data quality. Fueled by algorithms optimized for Agilent’s industry leading Target Enrichment solutions, you now yield robust coverage metrics for SNPs, indels, CNV and cnLOH variant analysis to increase your speed of analyses without sacrifice of quality or accuracy.

As the data engine for Agilent’s end-to-end genomic workflow, Alissa Clinical Informatics not only deliverers DNA/RNA data management on a single platform. When integrated with other Agilent NGS workflow solutions, Align & Call provides expanded benefits to labs around the world that rely on Agilent to deliver: streamlined ordering, inventory management, cost-savings with bulk purchases, and troubleshooting support.

Alissa Align & Call is For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.
Alissa Interpret is a USA Class I Exempt Medical Device, Europe CE IVD, Canada and Australia Class I IVD Device.

*Alissa Interpret is compatible with all secondary data analysis tools that produce standard VCF files.

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