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Nexera UC SFE-SFC System

Nexera UC SFE-SFC System

Nexera UC SFE-SFC System

Nexera UC SFE-SFC System

Shimadzu’s Nexera UC (Unified Chromatography) system is the world’s first fully automated system to combine on-line SFE and SFC in a single flow path. This unique system enables automatic extraction of up to 48 samples followed by seamless transfer to SFC/MS for high-sensitivity detection of targets by mass spectrometry.

The Nexera UC system eliminates the need for complicated sample preparation and enables highly reliable and stable analysis of delicate samples that are prone to oxidation or degradation if exposed to air and/or light. A fully automated system, Nexera UC has a much higher target analyte recovery rate and reduces the possibility of human error during analysis when compared to conventional manual workflows and off-line systems.

Offering a wide range of separation modes, the Nexera UC enables the analysis of compounds over a diverse chemical space, which is not possible with single systems based solely on gas or liquid chromatography. In addition, this environmentally “green” instrument significantly reduces the quantity of organic solvents used for such applications as the chiral analysis of enantiomers that are common in the pharmaceutical industry.

Multiple configurations are available. These include:
•    On-line SFE-SFC-MS system
•    Ultrafast SFC-MS/MS system
•    Automated high-speed chiral screening system
•    SFC-UV system

The Nexera UC system is designed to fulfil the measurement requirements of a wide range of applications. These include monitoring pesticides in food products, searching for disease biomarkers, drug discovery research in pharmaceuticals, and cleaning validation.

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