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Pioneer New Discoveries With the SCIEX 7500 System

Pioneer New Discoveries With the SCIEX 7500 System

Enter a new era of sensitivity and LC-MS/MS innovation with the SCIEX 7500 system. Go beyond your current limits of sensitivity, productivity targets, ruggedness and robustness challenges. Start detecting previously undetectable analytes, and quantify at lower levels with impressive precision.

• Expand your laboratory capabilities to test more dirty and complex samples. The D Jet ion guide allows you to characterize analytes that were once masked by matrices.

• Quantify more trace analytes at lower levels. Simplify your sample prep, and inject less sample using the OptiFlow Pro ion source, and boost the transition of crucial ions into the system with the integrated E Lens probe.

•  Quickly adapt to your changing assay needs and switch between high and low flow easily with the OptiFlow Pro ion source. Introducing modularity features that make switching fast and easy, while keeping the same reliability and efficiency of the legendary Turbo V ion source.

• Characterize important analytes with QTRAP functionality. Pair conventional MRM workflows with Enhanced product ion scans for improved confidence in acquired data. Or perform MRM3 workflows to push quantification levels beyond matrix interferences.

• Get a stronger gradient around the orifice while protecting your precious sample. With E Lens Technology, the SCIEX Turbo V Ion Source geometry is further enhanced in the new OptiFlow Pro Source, which focuses transmission of the ESI plume into the orifice of the system.

And if that is not enough, the SCIEX 7500 system is powered by SCIEX OS software that enables new levels of quantification to analyze and represent your data in a new and intuitive format. Control, acquire, analyze, interrogate and report, all on a single software platform. 

Explore more about how the SCIEX 7500 can help you push the boundaries of your quantitative studies here.

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