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Rare Quantifiable Data Becomes Your Every Day With SCIEX ZenoTOF 7600 System

Rare Quantifiable Data Becomes Your Every Day With SCIEX ZenoTOF 7600 System

The ZenoTOF 7600 system is  SCIEX high-resolution mass spectrometry solution that combines powerful MS/MS sensitivity, innovative fragmentation technology and a step-change in data independent acquisition.

Driven by the power of the Zeno trap coupled with electron activated dissociation (EAD) fragmentation technology, this fragment-centric revolution unlocks sensitivity gains allowing you to uncover new information for certainty in your results to make better-informed decisions, faster.

Detect up to 20x more ions in every experiment and access a spectrum of tuneable fragmentation techniques to unlock new perspectives for every molecule, in every experiment.

Harness the power of Zeno SWATH data independent acquisition (DIA) to deliver a high depth of coverage, particularly on low abundance species, quickly and robustly. Routinely quantify up to twice the number of plasma proteins than previously possible and drive faster discovery of new disease markers and therapies.

SCIEX helps to improve the world we live in by enabling scientists and laboratory analysts to find answers to the complex analytical challenges they face. The company's global leadership and world-class service and support in the capillary electrophoresis and liquid chromatography-mass spectrometry industry have made it a trusted partner to thousands of the scientists and lab analysts worldwide who are focused on basic research, drug discovery and development, food and environmental testing, forensics and clinical research.
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