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GE Healthcare Life Sciences

Superdex™ 30 Increase GE’s newest SEC column

Superdex™ 30 Increase GE’s newest SEC column

GE Healthcare Life Sciences

Introducing Superdex™ 30 Increase Size Exclusion Chromatography columns. Designed for small-scale preparative purification and analysis of small biomolecules with molecular weights (Mr) between 100 and 7000, making them an excellent choice for peptides and oligosaccharides.

Superdex 30 Increase columns are replacing Superdex Peptide to deliver improved performance:
•    Very high resolution – small bead size and narrow particle size distribution provide high resolution, for high protein purity
•    High flow rate – due to rigid beads giving excellent pressure/flow properties
•    Improved performance – improved resolution and runtime compared to predecessor Superdex Peptide
•    Tolerance to repeated harsh cleaning procedures at high pH ensures long column lifetime and minimizes carryover

New generation of size exclusion chromatography columns

Superdex 30 Increase is part of GE’s new generation of agarose-based SEC columns called “Increase”, which offer higher resolution purification in shorter runtimes compared with their predecessors.

SEC columns for analysis and purification of peptides

Superdex 30 Increase is suitable for both preparative and analytical purposes.
The fractionation range allows preparative separation of peptides, oligosaccharides and other small biomolecules (Mr ~ 100 to ~ 7000) with sample volumes up to 500 µL.
These columns also enable protein characterization, including aggregate analysis, size homogeneity analysis, and interaction studies, where high-quality data can be achieved.

Cleaning-in-place (CIP) capabilities

This agarose-based resin is alkali resistant and supports cleaning-in-place (CIP) procedures. This capability allows the same column to be used for different biomolecules, with minimal risk of carry-over between samples.
Regular cleaning can also increase column lifetime.

Two SEC column sizes

Two size exclusion chromatography (SEC) column sizes are designed to serve different purposes:
•    10/300 GL column, 10 mm × 300 mm, for high resolution analysis as well as for small-scale (25–500 µL) preparative purification, such as the polishing step in a purification protocol

•    3.2/300 column, 3.2 mm × 300 mm, for high resolution analysis and purification of sample volumes of 4–50 µl, when sample amount is limited and low buffer consumption is important

•    It is also possible to order Superdex 30 Increase resin to be packed in 5/150 GL column, 5 mm x 150 mm, as custom designed product.

Other GE size exclusion chromatography columns
GE Healthcare offers a wide range of Life Sciences solutions for SEC (or gel filtration). Let GE help you find the right SEC column for your needs