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TG-GC-MS: Thermogravimetric-Gas Chromatography-Mass Spectrometry

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TG-GC-MS: Thermogravimetric-Gas Chromatography-Mass Spectrometry

The ability to detect very low levels of material (known and unknown) in complex mixtures makes the TG-GC-MS a powerful tool for quality control, safety, and product development. Heating a sample on the TGA causes a sample to release volatile materials and/or generate gaseous components upon decomposition. These gases are then transferred via a high-fidelity heated transfer system to the GC, where the components can be collected on a trapping media, in a gas sampling loop, or deposited on the head of a column. The sample can then be run by GC to separate the material, and the peaks identified by the MS.

A few advantages of this system include:

FAST GC capable with the Clarus 690, benefits of FAST GC include:

  • Faster results with time savings up to 80%
  • Analyze multiple events in a single run
  • Double event separation
  • Automatic triggering by time or weight loss

Better than Pyrolysis

  • See the decomposition and choose when to start sampling
  • Choose to analyze individual losses to identify what they are
  • Analyze the total weight loss to quantify the percentage of that component in the sample

Better separations and detection of lower-level impurities than TG-MS.

Flexibility – switch from GC separation (TG-GC/MS mode) to Single Ion Monitoring (TG-MS mode) to TGA and/or GC/MS only mode quickly and easily.

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