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The 6546 High-Resolution LC/Q-TOF Mass Spectrometer

The 6546 High-Resolution LC/Q-TOF Mass Spectrometer

The 6546 high resolution mass spectrometer accelerates your lab’s capabilities by enabling comprehensive workflows in metabolomics research, food safety, food authenticity, and environmental screening.

With simultaneous high sensitivity, wide dynamic range, high resolution, isotope fidelity, and accurate mass measurements, the resulting high data quality provides the level of confidence you need for fast and simplified data review processes.

With Q-RAI (Quadrupole Resolved All Ions) or All Ions acquisition, food safety screening can now be combined with fragment information for identification, allowing you to conduct target and suspect screening simultaneously.

Product Specifications
Ion Source Dual-AJS MultiMode (ESI+APCI)
Isotope Fidelity <5 %
MS Acquisition Rate 50 spectra/second
MS Mass Accuracy (negative) <0.8 ppm RMS
MS Sensitivity S/N (RMS) > 500:1. Measured with 1pg reserpine on column
Polarity Switching Duty Cycle 1.5 s
Quad Resolution (FWHM) 1.3 Da (autotune)
Software Platform MassHunter
TOF Mass Range m/z 20-10,000
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