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Typhoon™ Laser Scanners for Precise Quantitation

Typhoon™ Laser Scanners for Precise Quantitation

Typhoon™ scanners are designed for versatile imaging and precise quantitation of fluorescent, colorimetric, and radiolabeled nucleic acids and proteins.

Choose from models for phosphor imaging, red, green, blue (RGB) fluorescence, near-infrared (NIR) fluorescence, and optical densitometry (OD) of proteins in stained gels. Use for a variety of sample types and sizes, including imaging plates, gels, tissue slides, and membranes.

The Typhoon™ 5 model combines four instruments without compromising sensitivity and dynamic range. Or choose a base model configuration IP, RGB, NIR, NIR Plus. The laser-scanner platform has a wide range of upgrade kits and a custom filter box, so you won’t be limited by dyes for visible fluorescence.

Whether you want just the basics or all the latest features, you can configure your system to support the experiment at-hand or work on the cutting edge.

  • Advanced photomultiplier tubes for high sensitivity (as low as 3 pg) and dynamic range (> 5 orders of magnitude) for quantitative work
  • Versatility to support a variety of applications, including phosphor imaging, fluorescence multiplexing, and OD measurements
  • Five lasers including NIR for improved multiplex detection with minimal cross-talk, and fully modular so you can select the lasers you need
  • Phosphor imaging mode is well suited for applications that demand the highest sensitivity, such as animal studies and RNA and DNA detection assays
  • Visualize fine details in your sample, as low as 10 µm
  • Large scan area (40 × 46 cm) for imaging large samples, such as sequencing gels, or for higher throughput to image multiple samples in a single scan

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