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NanoTemper's vision is to help create a world where every disease is treatable. For them, that starts by equipping scientists with reliable tools that bring them the clarity, confidence and momentum they need to discover future therapies. With a broad offering of systems, software and consumables for evaluating binding affinities and protein stability, scientists in pharmaceutical, biotech or academic labs will find an optimized workflow, quality results and responsive customer support.

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engineered stable mAbs
App Note / Case Study

Biologics Developability: Optimization of Engineered mAbs With Multi-Parameter Stability Characterization

The biologic drug development process is expensive and often leads to time and money lost on candidates that never reach the clinic. Improved developability profiles enable researchers in the early discovery stages to select candidates that have a great chance at clinical success.
Thermal Stability

Methods To Assess the Thermal Stability of Your Therapeutic Proteins

This infographic compares four different methods to assess thermal stability and the unique value each provides.
Stable Biologics

Stability Assessment of Biologics During Early Development Workflows

With a vast array of biologic drugs failing to make it to the clinic despite hefty investments, researchers are seeking ways to identify promising candidates earlier in the pipeline to prevent wasted resources.
How To Guide

Overcome Roadblocks to PROTAC Characterization

This guide highlights how an innovative, plate-based, and automation-ready affinity screening solution helps you overcome roadblocks in your PROTAC characterization projects.
Screening Front Cover
How To Guide

Screening Biologics With nanoDSF

Choosing the wrong candidate molecule can prove costly and waste both time and resources. Therefore, it’s important to base key decisions upon the most robust thermostability and unfolding profile data.
Successful Affinity-Based Lead Identification and Optimization for Challenging Targets and Ligands content piece image

Successful Affinity-Based Lead Identification and Optimization for Challenging Targets and Ligands

Speaking at the Advances in Drug Discovery & Development 2021, NanoTemper Technologies' Amit Gupta delivered his talk on the optimization of identifying challenging targets and ligands.
NanoTemper Technologies Launches Spectral Shift content piece image
Product News

NanoTemper Technologies Launches Spectral Shift

NanoTemper Technologies has announced the launch of Spectral Shift technology within their Dianthus instrument, built to handle the most challenging affinity-based screenings in drug discovery.