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PerkinElmer leverages scientific knowledge and years of experience to provide a broad portfolio of analytical solutions, services and expertise that contribute to laboratory success.

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Ask Me Anything: Advanced Energy Materials

In the pursuit of a sustainable future, advanced energy materials are emerging as the building blocks of a clean energy revolution. These next-generation materials promise to transform how we capture, store and utilize energy, driving innovation in semiconductors, solar cells, fuel cells and beyond.
Teach me in 10 environmental pollutants 22nd may 2024
Online Event

Teach Me in 10: Environmental Pollutants

New for 2024, this online event will distill complex scientific concepts into concise, informative 10-minute presentations. Our expert panel of speakers will cover sources, impacts and mitigation strategies for environmental pollutants, providing a comprehensive overview of the challenges and solutions in this highly topical field.
Advances in Battery Research 2024
Online Event

Advances in Battery Research 2024

Battery research has rapidly grown in both scale and importance over the past decade. Join our roster of expert speakers who will be covering the latest research into optimizing existing energy storage solutions, developing novel technologies and deploying them in the real-world to meet our present and future energy demands.
Human brain and AI networks.

Six Ways Machine Learning Will Transform the Biopharmaceutical Lifecycle

This listicle explores four ways that AI and ML are accelerating the biopharmaceutical lifecycle and two big ways that companies are starting to think about their data differently.
TMI10 Text

Analyzing the Unanalyzable: Breakthrough in Complex Samples with LC/MS/MS

In our latest Teach Me in 10 episode we are joined by Derek Mattern, Subject Matter Expert at PerkinElmer.
A close up of an individual placing samples in the PCR machine.
Product News

Revvity Launches EONIS Q System Enabling Faster, Simplified Newborn Screening for SMA and SCID

Innovative, easy-to-use molecular diagnostics workflow reduces complexity and costs for labs looking to expand newborn screening capabilities.
PerkinElmer NexION® 2200 ICP Mass Spectrometer

PerkinElmer NexION® 2200 ICP Mass Spectrometer

Enter the NexION® 2200 ICP-MS from PerkinElmer, your trusted partner in ICP-MS for four decades. The NexION 2200 system builds on our strong tradition of reliable, easy-to-use, low-maintenance instrumentation, delivering uncompromised performance, accuracy, and repeatability.
A mass spectrometer.
Product News

Revvity and Sciex Collaborate To Provide Innovative Neonatal Mass Spectrometry Solution

Offering combines Revvity’s market leading reagents with SCIEX precise innovative MS/MS for labs looking to expand newborn screening capabilities.
The bases of DNA.
Product News

Revvity and Element Biosciences Announce Collaboration to Improve Next Generation Sequencing Research Workflow

Revvity, Inc. and Element Biosciences, Inc., a developer of the AVITI™ System, announced a collaboration to introduce workflow solutions that save time and effort required for genomic analysis of samples.
Clouds in the sky.

How Do Microplastics in Cloud Water Impact Climate Change?

Plastic waste that accumulates on land eventually ends up in the ocean as microplastics. However, it is now speculated that microplastics are also present in the atmosphere, contained in clouds.