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5-4-3-2-1 – Rapid Ambient Mass Spectrometry: Answers in Seconds content piece image

5-4-3-2-1 – Rapid Ambient Mass Spectrometry: Answers in Seconds

Speaking at Advances in Food & Beverage Analysis, Nicholas Birse from Queens University, presented their talk on rapid ambient mass spectrometry.
Outside sink with a tap, which is turned on and water is pouring out and splashing over the sink sides.

Detecting Mercury Ions With Just a Tap

Researchers have developed a self-powered nanosensor that can discover small amounts of mercury ions and immediately report the result.
Cells grouped together.

Using Ultrasound To Move Cells and Build Tissue

Manipulating individual cells is a difficult task. New research conducted at Caltech has created an alternative: air-filled proteins, produced by genetically engineered cells, that can be pushed around—along with the cells containing them—by ultrasound waves.
A heap of crusty loaves of bread.

How a Chemist Makes the Softest Bread You'll Ever Eat

Want to make the fluffiest bread possible? Then you need the technique called starch gelatinization. We made three loaves of bread to put the science to the test.
An Interview With Chromatography Expert Dr. Susanne Fabel  content piece image

An Interview With Chromatography Expert Dr. Susanne Fabel

This interview highlights HPLC expert Dr. Susanne Fabel of Thermo Scientific. She discusses her passion for analytical chemistry and successes in developing world-class LC instruments — like the brand new Thermo Scientific™ Vanquish™ Analytical Purification LC Systems — and gives us guidance on how to approach analytical scale purifications.
Group of people in lab coats brushing up on their scientific knowledge.

Do the Public Need To Be More Scientifically Literate? With Dr. Hilary Jones

Why is it important to have doctors working within the media? Do the public need to be more scientifically literate? What advances have we seen in diagnostics? And how can this help GPs in the UK?
Real-Time PCR Solutions for Molecular Diagnostics content piece image

Real-Time PCR Solutions for Molecular Diagnostics

Change the world, or change hers. Discover how Thermo Fisher Scientific can put you in control of assay development and testing in molecular diagnostics.
Stack of tortillas on a wooden table and a brick wall in the background.

Why Calcium Hydroxide Plus Corn Is Key to Understanding Western Civilization (and Tacos)

Corn tortillas may seem like an everyday, regular food item – but these pressed corn patties hold a secret almost as old as civilization itself.
Boy in bed ill with flu, with a thermometer in his mouth.

How Proteins on Influenza Viruses Tilt, "Breathe"

Simulations show that the proteins on the influenza viral surface targeted by vaccines can tilt and wave in “breath-like” motions, which could be exploited to better defend against the flu.
Group of large and small ancient Egyptian pyramids surrounded by sand.

What Ancient Egyptian Chemistry Do We Still Use Today?

Do we know the connections between ancient Egyptian practices and the chemistry we use today? Max unwraps ancient Egyptian chemistry and uncovers just how important a role their chemistry knowledge played in society at the time.