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Accelerating Life Science Discovery Using SWATH DIA Mass Spectrometry With Katherine Tran

Data-independent acquisition (DIA) is a methodology that can be coupled with mass spectrometry (MS). Today DIA-MS is the next-generation proteomic approach that can help you generate a permanent digital proteome map with highly reproducible retrospective analysis of cellular and tissue specimens. With DIA, all ionizable precursors are analyzed by MS/MS regardless of abundance or other criteria, resulting in a complete data set containing fragment data for all precursor ions and greater repeatability.

SCIEX new trap and release setup, the Zeno trap, brings significant sensitivity gains to MS/MS data acquisition by maximizing duty cycle to greater than 90%. Now, Zeno SWATH DIA capitalizes on these gains, revealing tens, hundreds and even thousands more identified and quantified analytes in a shorter time and with higher precision than ever before. Reaching new depths of coverage, Zeno SWATH DIA delivers maximal information in minimal time.

By watching this Teach Me in 10 you will discover the exciting technology behind advances in data-independent acquisition and will learn how it can enhance your research.

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