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SCIEX presents Extraordinary Grace

Join forces to share the future of science. Be part of a movement shining a light on identity, opportunity and inclusion.

As scientists, we are the very experts in discovering answers, but by missing out on invaluable, diverse perspectives, we’re missing out on crucial thinking that has the potential to unlock a new era of scientific greatness.

Introducing Grace, a young girl with an extraordinary future. Grace represents the next generation of scientists, but also, the underrepresented. She has the potential to change the face of analytical science; hers is an incredible, but fragile journey that calls upon your unique expertise for mentorship.

Grace will face many barriers as she grows up, but is unprepared for the challenges along the way, finding herself frequently asking a life-defining question:

“Should I continue with a career in science?”

By sharing your unique perspective and experiences with Grace, you’ll be joining an unprecedented conversation in science, where together, we can form an extensive, truly accurate picture of our industry.

Now, wouldn’t that be extraordinary.

INSPIRE GRACE and TAKE THE SURVEY: https://sciex.com/grace-csm

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