What is Mixed-Mode Chromatography?

Video   Apr 11, 2017


This video reviews the advantages of using mixed-mode chromatography media. Mixed-mode chromatography depends on more than one interaction principle occurring between stationary phase and solute.

Mixed-mode chromatography media are generally designed with the addition of a spacer and ligand to a bead matrix. The ligand design impacts the strength and specificity of the interactions. Multiple interactions between stationary and mobile phases can lead to unique selectivity and facilitate separation of closely related proteins and contaminants.

Advantages of mixed-mode separations include
· Greater resolution compared to unimodal interactions · Improved yield and activity via advantageous use of charge-charge repulsion between ligand and protein
· Large design space for protein binding
· Minimal feed manipulation prior to binding
· Mild operating conditions preserve activity Bio-Rad Process Separations offers a full range of chromatography solutions for biomolecule purifications.

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