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From Powders to Paint Chips: Modern Microspectroscopy Draws Big Information From Tiny Samples

Microspectroscopy can analyze particulates, fibers, inks, contaminated surfaces and more, making it a workhorse tool across a wide range of industries such as environmental, automotive, pharmaceuticals as well as forensics, art restoration, packaging and more. 

Watch this webinar to see how to improve the speed and accuracy of results across a broad range of user skill levels with modern microspectroscopy systems. Hear what diffraction-limited IR optics, enhanced visual performance and powerful 64-bit software with a new user interface can do in your lab. 

Watch this webinar to learn about:

  • Ideal applications for IR microscopy
  • Sample preparation
  • Microparticles, microplastics
  • Fiber analysis
  • Coatings (stains, ink) on various substrates
  • Micro-mapping, ATR, transmission cells
  • Data collection methods 
Dr Michael Bradley
Dr Michael Bradley
Product Manager FTIR Spectrometers and Microscopes