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Masterclass: Upgraded MAM With EAD

Masterclass: Upgraded MAM With EAD content piece image

MAM is a powerful LC-MS method for simultaneously monitoring and quantifying multiple product or critical quality attributes of a biotherapeutic. Traditionally, CID-based MS/MS is employed as the first step for identification, followed by quantification with either only MS or MS and MS/MS workflows. However, full sequence confirmation, including isomeric differentiation for deamidated peptides and the localization of fragile modifications, such as glycosylation, are not possible with CID-based MS/MS methodologies. Hence, the CID-based identification workflow must rely on complementary MS/MS techniques that use more advanced instrumentation in separate experiments before quantification of selected species can be performed. 

Watch this webinar to discover an EAD platform method that:

  • Enables confident and accurate identification
  • Accurately quantify and monitor quality attributes
  • Can do all the above with MAM in a single injection
Zhengwei Chen
Zhengwei Chen
Senior Applications Scientist
Paula Orens
Paula Orens
Market Development Manager, SCIEX