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PFAS Summit: A Scientific Series

PFAS Summit: A Scientific Series content piece image

Due to the prevalence of poly-and perfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) in environmental samples, testing of these compounds requires a sensitive end-to-end workflow that is free from the spoils of contamination throughout the method and produces consistent, precise and reliable results.

The demand for PFAS testing is expanding outside of the typical matrices found in environmental analysis to food products, animal tissues and human biological fluids. Therefore, depending on the type of analysis your laboratory performs, the chosen workflow must be adaptable and robust to analyze various sample types for PFAS.

This special edition compendium features a collection of webinars that explore how these forever chemicals are shaping research. 

Submit now for exclusive access to a range of talks, covering:

  • The history of PFAS 
  • Different PFAS regulations across the globe
  • The impact of LC-MS on PFAS testing 
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